siegfried 1.7.7 released

Version 1.7.7 of siegfried is now available. Happy #IDPD17!

Get it here.

This minor release fixes bugs in the roy inspect command and in sf’s handling of large container files.

A new sets file is included in this release, ‘pronom-extensions.json’, which creates sets for all extensions defined in PRONOM. You can use these new sets when building signatures e.g. roy build -limit @.tiff or when logging formats e.g. sf -log @.doc DIR.

The other addition in this release is the inclusion of version metadata for MIME-info signature files (e.g. or tika MIME-types). You can define version metadata for MIME-info signature files by editing the MIME-info.json file in your /data directory.

Thanks to Terry Jolliffe and Ross Spencer for their bug reports.

See the CHANGELOG for full details on this release.