siegfried 1.7.5 released

Version 1.7.5 of siegfried is now available. Get it here.

The headline feature of this release is new functionality for the sf -update command requested by Ross Spencer. You can now use the -update flag to download or update non-PRONOM signatures with a choice of LOC FDD, two flavours of MIMEInfo (Apache Tika’s MIMEInfo and, and archivematica (latest PRONOM + archivematica extensions) signatures. There are two combo options as well: PRONOM/Tika/LOC and the Ross Spencer “deluxe” (PRONOM/Tika/

PRONOM remains the default, so if you just do sf -update it will work as before.

To go non-PRONOM, include one of “loc”, “tika”, “freedesktop”, “pronom-tika-loc”, “deluxe” or “archivematica” as an argument after the flags e.g. sf -update freedesktop. This command will overwrite ‘default.sig’ (the default signature file that sf loads).

You can preserve your default signature file by providing an alternative -sig target: e.g. sf -sig notdefault.sig -update loc. If you use one of the signature options as a filename (with or without a .sig extension), you can omit the signature argument i.e. sf -update -sig loc.sig is equivalent to sf -sig loc.sig -update loc.

Other changes